Saturday, June 25, 2011


i hate blogs scribbled with so much words. i love reading. but not nonsensical posts , splashed with long winded thoughts. it's your style. not mine.

say hello to my new tumblr 

and say byebye to kopish*t

Monday, January 3, 2011

Niu ya-er

as retarded as it's spelled. 

every year is just like any other year. the only difference it makes ( you might wanna ask yourself) is when you've achieved your goals in that passing year. 

so what have you done? what's your achievement? 

I know I am blessed. my life's a sh*t too. in fact, it's a pool of black sh*t. so stinky and big that I can hardly bear with it , what more handle it. 

No, I'm not mad. neither I was frust. I exaggerated phrases in hyperboles...

just to put many of you ashamed cause you can't even handle / complain/ rant on minute/ minor/ worthless things. 

and so you might wanna know that, there are others whom are worst than you. but still are surviving. 


so here's some pics to irk your eyes thoughts for this nothing-to-be-proud-of new year.

Boohoo for the late message, belated happy new year and erm.... also belated merry Xmas... 

my fav... unlike this already... coz reason ***

 delicious @ DeliCious

pastryculture is love

here's reason ***: 

 your untypical Chicken Mcdeluxe~ RAW!!~~~ 
really made me RAWRRRR 
i can sue McD in the States and be effing RICH, RICH RICH!~ but stpd McD in Msia simply replaced my meal by extra set (one coke and one fries, no i didn't include the burger coz that was meant to be replaced in the 1st place~ fml) 
random pic at pasta zanmai 

 random insertion *blings (too much time to waste then) 

 'old' pup zzz..

 bored #1 

 bored #2 

 crunch crunch 

 halo on my head (ya right)

GT's the best~~ <3 

too sweet for my liking

snow choco flakes for the fake xmas 

 ps: didnt resize my pics. took uber long time to upload. my life's srsly unkind to me. sleepy. halt right here and then. bai2 

intimidation gives rise to stupidity

Monday, December 20, 2010

nervous breakdown

not sure if struggling through the revision week trying to figure out answers to exam qs is more gruelling or perhaps

countless sessions of burning midnight oil for the sake of assignments are not exceptional either way...OR


the most nerve wrecking, heart-wrenching moments to be awaited for is... is... is....

for this statement to be changed into something more worthwhile the efforts of waiting...

plsplspls... nothxbainait

Sunday, December 19, 2010

LOL #2 (FB statuses)

ps: im trying to pull down the previous post no thanks to the fugly pics of wedding cakes' ornaments. srsly. it's fugly, yet i wanna share it... so the consequences leading to this despo post. 

 wth ? self proclaimed dumbo ? 

 you don't need to let the WHOLD world know, do you Jason-the-'masturbator'? 


 and they got back 2gthr to live happily ever after *inserts baby's cries* 

b4 u learn to confess in FB, learn how to work out the channel 

 this fella is actually quite smart but his friends are silly max !~ LOL 


is this even a status ? 

 everybody gets into collAge this days... duh 

yeah very smart indeed. 

srsly, where does all this ppl come from ? accidental sense of humour??


but i don't want these on my wedding cake... 

 wtf is this ??

 yikes!~~~ fugly ... 

 i abhor this the most. coz i abhorred Chucky and his Bride. yikes

 this is ...... okay

no eyes to see the bride & no eyes to see the groom... cause they must have hated seeing each other so much... or at least that's what they looked like to each other. ftl ...

 insulting to men? IDK~

WTF???!!!! I'M A GODZILLA ???????? *&^%RR@#~!!!!FML ~~~~

Thursday, December 16, 2010

the New FaceBook

more like ShopBook.

everything goes around the Social Network (punned) and it becomes a circle of life in which we barely escape these days. 

this is what you call Socializing Shopping.


of every gurls'.

not a big deal... yet, still considered as dilemma when you're struck with 2 decisions you need to make. and it's tough to decide T__T

SHO C.U.T.E!!!!

guys won't understand and would prolly go like come on!~

and gals would response like ~ get both!!!! errrr....

i'm neither here nor there. no sides taken.

well, you gotta understand that no matter how mature or intellectual a person is (e.g. gals in this e.g.) , they have a soft spot for "things-to-die-for".. just like your love-hate relationships with cameras, gadgets, cars and ehem~ gals =.=

nevertheless, i was like thinking~ are these practical? erm.... well, does fashion ever consider practicality ? hmmm..........

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dating 101

so much for basic rules in the Love World. there ARE weird ppl liddis ~ ppl who really make us go un-FML and LOL